Kia Ora,
My name is Dani and I love to make soft toys and sustainable homewares and have always dreamed of one day starting my own brand. Here is a little bit about where I have come on my journey to open this shop.

I am from New Zealand where I studied fashion design for three years gaining an advanced diploma and went on to work as a bridal seamstress/consultant for two years. I loved working in bridal but while I was working I got pregnant and decided to become a stay at home mum which I have done for the past 4 years. I wanted to start my own business that incorporates my love of design and animals with a focus on minimizing our impact on the environment and educating children about endangered animals around the world.

The animals I chose are all endangered or threatened due to things like their declining habitats, introduced predators and poaching. I think it's really important for people to understand why these animals are becoming endangered.

While researching why all these animals were becoming endangered, I became increasingly aware that 9 times of out 10 the reason was loss of habitat and environmental factors. This made me want to provide sustainable biodegradable homewares alongside my toys.

Environmental Impact
Because climate change and pollution has a big part to play in the endangerment of many of these animals I try to use sustainable and recycled materials wherever I can. All the fabrics I use in my toys are upholstery ends. This means I use fabrics that are usually discarded because the pieces are too small to use for upholstering. The filling I use to stuff the toys is 100% raw organic cotton fiber and it gives the toys a really firm solid feel like old fashioned toys used to be before poly fill became the norm. My eyes are wooden safety eyes which I make myself and my logo tags are 100% cotton.

All the materials I use to create my homewares are 100% natural fibers and therefore are able to be composted when they reach the end of their usability.

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Thank you for visiting my store :)
Ngā mihi