Hand made Red Tree Squirrel soft toy

Hand made Red Tree Squirrel soft toy

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Handmade and designed in New Zealand. Made to order.


Red Tree Squirrels are native to the UK and have lived there for over 100,000 years where they spend most of their time climbing trees and searching for food.

Whilst there used to be lots of them all over the UK, their numbers are now declining, mainly due to the introduction of the Grey Squirrel from America. Because the Grey Squirrel is bigger, Red Squirrels often have a hard time competing for food and places to live. They sometimes carry Squirrelpox which Greys are immune to but it affects Reds. Thankfully there is some awareness and trusts set up to help the situation to ensure that they are kept apart from Grey Squirrels and are protected.

My aim is to provide a product that reduces our impact on the environment whilst also educating people about endangered and threatened animals from around the world.
I try to use sustainable and recycled materials (upholstery ends from a local upholsterer) wherever I can when creating my toys to reduce impact on the environment. Because of this, fabrics used may vary from those in the photographs.

Product details

Fabric - Upholstery ends 
Filling - 100% Raw organic cotton fiber 
Eyes - 100% cotton embroidery thread
Label - 100% Cotton
Length - 25 cm

Each soft toy comes with an adoption certificate and a letter to its new family.