Handmade Pygmy Rabbit Soft Toy

Handmade Pygmy Rabbit Soft Toy

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Handmade and designed in New Zealand.


The Pygmy Rabbit is the smallest species of rabbit in the world and native to North America. Whilst they are generally considered low risk, there is an isolated population that is native to a single Columbia Basin area of Washington State that is considered endangered. In fact the last purebred Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit died in 2008, ending the pure genetic line.

My aim is to provide a product that reduces our impact on the environment whilst also educating people about endangered and threatened animals from around the world.
I try to use sustainable and recycled materials (upholstery ends from a local upholsterer) wherever I can when creating my toys to reduce impact on the environment. Because of this, fabrics used may vary from those in the photographs.

Product details

Fabric - Upholstery ends
Filling - 100% Raw organic cotton fiber
Eyes and nose - 100% Cotton
Label - 100% Cotton
Height - 13cm from top of the ears to feet.

Each soft toy comes with an adoption certificate and a letter to its new family.